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​You Morph is a follow on app to the iCanMorph app.

It contains enhanced features and algorithms that are not available in the free iCanMorph app.

To learn more about how to be creative with You Morph, please visit the other pages of this website through the above links, especially the Transparent Background Tips and Video Tutorials page.  Most of the information on those pages applies to You Morph as well.

In the Presentation Sensation mode, we've more than doubled the number of animation styles (4 to 9) and quadrupled the number of timing staggers (4 to 17) that are available to users when displaying their own text.

In the Dance Club / Pep Rally / Party mode we have enhanced the design to allow up to 5 user selectable tiled backgrounds to be remembered.  Remembered backgrounds can then continuously be cycled through with fade in and fade out for smooth transitions.  Users can control the number of tiles in both the horizontal and vertical directions.  Users can add additional spacing between tiles.  Users can rotate the tiles to any desired offset angles.  Users can control the transparency level of the tiles so that either the smooth color flowing background colors can shine through, or so that the continuously morphed artwork can shine through too. 

Users can control content of their tiled backgrounds by choosing photo images from their camera roll, or by typing short multi-lined text messages such as :

Happy      or sports team name backdrops like      Seattle         Michigan       Stanford    
Birthday                                                            Seahawks     Wolverines    Cardinals  

The Dance Club / Pep Rally / Party mode allows users to now choose up to 10 artful images/photos to use as the drawing pen for the morphed artwork.  This provides increased flexibility over what is available in iCanMorph, which only allows for 3 images to be used in this manner.

Additional algorithms for the Morphing shapes have been added in ().  Our most advanced and artistic morphed shapes are only available here in ().  Those shapes are available in the Morphing Shapes Game mode and the Dance Club / Pep Rally / Party mode. 

In the March On March Off Messages mode, we increased the animation styles from 8 to 21 and the timing staggers from 3 to 7 for March On, and 3 to 10 for March Off 

We reduced the number of modes to just a select few, for quick and easy access.

You Morph