Transparent Backgrounds Tips and Video Tutorials

Below are links to great looking images/photos that have transparent backgrounds found on 3rd party websites.  Click on the links to navigate to those 3rd party webpages.  Touch the image and save it to the camera roll.  Use iCanMorph to add fun image inserts to normal photos of people and places!  You can easily resize, rotate, and fade your text and photo images for unique effects!  Some of the tools in iCanMorph can be found nowhere else!

You can share the unique photos and video content you create with iCanMorph. Users who currently use Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc, can post their new creations on any social media site.  Please consider copyright on material that you share.

Rubik's cube See's_cube.svg​

You can share captured photos right from the camera roll on your device !