Privacy Statement :

Effective date : October 9, 2013

The privacy of all users of this app is highly protected.

No personal information is collected, accessed, transmitted, or used in any way.

There is no advertising.

​There are no in app purchases.  The free iCanMorph app does have a button that will take you to the app store where you can purchase the You Morph app.  You Morph is simply a paid for once app at time of purchase.

The app has no connections or plug ins or any integration with social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or any other online service.

There are no online profiles.

The app does link to the internet to take a user to the Logic Engine Designs support website where a user can learn more about the iCanMorph and You Morph apps and Contact Us with feedback.  That includes this privacy page you are currently reading, the home page, the videos page, the screen shots page, the transparent backgrounds page, and the contact us page.  The app also includes a link to the App Store in case a user would like to fill out a review of the product for the App Stores database of product reviews. 

This app does not generate anonymous usage and error reports or use analytics in order to improve the app's performance.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us from the Contact Us page link at the top of your screen.