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Is the reason that you have come to the Send A Message page is that you would like to submit a unique, artful, or cool shape that you found in the Smooth Curve Shape Finding mode?  If so, then please specify all of the values for A thru H exactly as shown on the screen that showed your shape, like shown below.  Please double check that your emailed values exactly match the ones you found, or our math algorithm will show us a different shape when we look at it, and it will not likely have the same artistic merit that you found.    Don't worry about your images scale, we will right size it automatically. 

A = 0.14, B = 0.78, C = 33.0, D = 24.0, 

E = 0.52, F = 0.09, G = 11.0, H = 18.0 

If you include the name of your school (college, high school, grade school, etc), then it will be displayed in the app along with the shape you found.  If you would like to give your shape (and the mathematical formula for it) a name or nickname, we can include that too, as long as it seems reasonable to us.  Please, use no first or last names. 

The best shapes to submit should be clean and not have noisy, scribbly looking sections in them that take away from the aesthetic look.  Good looking clean shapes can be artistic both with and without symmetry. 

Extra credit is given for shapes found that look like some real world object.  Note that one of the current shapes looks amazingly like a bug and wolves face (shapes 276 and 145).  Other real world looking shapes resemble a keyhole, and a slice of bread.  These shapes all result from simple trigonometric formulas, with 8 coefficients.  If you are a math student or teacher and are interested in the equation formula, technique, and a related website, please inquire.  I will try to include the formula as a selectable option soon (right in the app), and I am looking at adding some sliders that will let you slightly tweak a shape you like.

Please fill in your details in the message field to the right.  If you include a valid email point of contact, we will send you back the shape number so you can easily find your shape out of the thousands of shapes possibly submitted.  We will also make it easy for you to jump directly to your shape, and then morph your shape with all other submitted shapes.  And it would probably be pretty easy to add a text field where you can paste any specified list of shape numbers and then we will morph only those shapes you listed and in the order you provide.  

See http://jsxgraph.uni-bayreuth.de/wiki/index.php/Circles_on_circles_rotating_in_opposite_directions for an explanation of the equations used.  Try bringing up the tweaking sliders and matching one of the shapes you can find using the jsxgraph page sliders.  Just zero out the bottom 4 tweaking sliders in the iCanMorph app, then matching A to C1, B to C2, C to F1, and D to F2 values from the jsxgraph webpage.  You should see the same exact shape.  Note the sliders on the jsxgraph webpage are best operated when viewing that page from a desktop computer and not a mobile device.

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