iCanMorph provides users with exquisitely colorful graphics on the iPad high resolution retina display.  Use the unique morphing controls to tailor drawings in amazing ways.  Quickly pick from more than 590 morphing shapes.  Control the number of particles, morph speed, size, scale, chase speed, spin, twist, taper, alignment, and spacing with intuitive and easy to use controls.

Game modes includes high scores, sound effects, colorful emoji presented in coordinated artful patterns, increasing difficulty level, and rewards and obstacles.  

You can morph your own photos like never before.  iCanMorph can break up your photos into hundreds of pieces and then smoothly morph them into a pyramid, a heart, an arrow, a circle, and hundreds more shapes, then morph them back into your photo.  Watch the above video to see this amazing proprietary animation effect available on the iPad version.

iCanMorph provides users with unique tools for creating new photo based images for possible use with Facebook, etc.  You can use your own photos as "pens" while morphing between over 590 interesting shapes.  You can use up to 360 "pens" at the same time for any single photo.  The resulting images can overlap each other in interesting ways, especially since the photos can be aligned to match the curvature of the morphing paths.  There is a button that lets users take "clean" screen shots that send the combined image to the camera roll (available in the pro version, iCanMorph).  From there you can easily move the photo onto your Facebook page, or to Instagram, Pinterest, or on you own personal or businesses web pages.  You can easily email the captured screen shots too.  

iCanMorph includes a feature that lets you morph from word to word to word.  A proprietary new technology is used to draw each letter of any word using particles.  Those particles smoothly slide around from character to character when morphing word to word.  The particles even telescope in and out of the last character of a word when the length of the next word to morph to differs significantly from the length of the current word.  It's a unique and fun effect and can be used show or "advertise" any message in fun and eye catching ways.  You can use this feature with very short messages or very long ones.   The morphing repeats when it gets to the end of the text that you supply.    

iCanMorph is an interesting virtual color toy than can be used individually or in group settings.  It can add color and fun to any room or get together.

You can set it on the mantle or on a shelf as an artful display or a conversation piece.  Wipe off fingerprints, select the mode for the mood you want, and put the iPad on display.  Your guests would even be able to interact with the artful displays!  We suggest you keep the charger connected when on display.  

iCanMorph has a 2nd game mode where users try to identify popular phrases (song titles, band names, movie titles, actors and actresses names, etc).  Those phrases are morphed, spun, and chased through continuously morphed shapes.  There is no other game that I know of that does anything similar.

iCanMorph has many modes that are artistic and colorful and actively changing that may be appealing to people with creative mindsets.

The iPad version of iCanMorph has a banner mode that will allow the user to display 3 banners at a time with individual content and individual speed controls.   This could be useful anywhere you would like people to see eye catching messages such as in a booth at a conference or at a school function, etc.  The banner background color is flexible and includes a powerful rainbowing feature where the background color smoothly cycles to random bright colors from the rainbow.  The rainbowing speed is adjustable and very eye-catching.  People quickly notice the smoothly flowing colors and your message! 

A user can type their banner text, cut and paste it, or even use the iPad's microphone technology to speak their desired banner text.  Banners with many thousands of characters in the message are easily supported.  The bannersrepeats after a short delay, and even the font color and font style is selectable.  Users can banner banter with their friends from a distance and say anything they want.  Or the banner could be useful in social settings.  When at a restaurant, you could ask "Check Please" and be confident that your server will quickly notice without you even having to watch for them and make eye contact.  You could easily request a song from a DJ with a banner that says "Play Get Lucky by Daft Punk".  Quietly communicate or chat at a distance any way you want.  Be creative.  Creativity does tend to get noticed.  You could even try something zany like copying the Declaration of Independence and then using the "paste" buffer feature to display it as a banner.  It will banner in it's entirety, then repeat, repeat, repeat.  For the "paste" source text, you could quickly copy the contents of an email or the contents of an article on the internet.  That only takes a few seconds for people who already know how to do that.  Banner messages could be set up to display useful and fun information at almost any social function.  Any kind of party could be livened up with some fun banners.  You can do everything from wishing someone a Happy Birthday to congratulating a graduating student or a happy couple on their special day.

Users could easily use the banner mode to cheer on high school teams and their favorite players from the stands with their own personalized messages of encouragement.   

iCanMorph has a unique text reader that allows a user to see an interesting and artful transition when reading successive paragraphs and sentences from the text source.  The text source can be a very large cut and paste from an article from the internet, or a cut and paste from an email.  It could be fun for children learning how to read to have their favorite online story copied and pasted into the text buffer.  For best results, the text source should be around 1000 to 10,000 characters long.

iCanMorph has a mode where any text the user types will be repeated and displayed.  The text constantly follows along on the curved morphing shapes.  The text can be made to always point in a direction normal to the local curvature of the shape currently shown on the screen.  It's a fun effect where people will want to type in their names, their friends names, and where they can pretty much type in anything they want.  As a tip to users, if the first character of the entered text is a space character, then the repeating of the text feature is turned off for the text currently in the buffer.  This is done to give the user a way to be able to choose whether the text is repeated or not.

iCanMorph has a mode where users can draw their own shapes by tracing on the iPad screen with their fingers.  The user can trace 2 separate shapes (such as their initials or names, short words, or some kind of drawing).   Those 2 shapes can be morphed back and forth with each other.

iCanMorph has a Gaps and Runs mode where users can explore beat frequencies in how the images are spaced out along any of the morphing shapes.  Interesting beat frequency examples appear in many of the iCanMorph modes, and some of the graphics are very visually appealing as a result.

The iCanMorph idea grew from some work my children and I were doing with the Scratch programming language.   A little further below is a link to the Scratch website.   I was able to use Scratch to quickly and easily teach my 2 children how to write fun computer programs.  In the process of doing that, we created some things that were pretty cool looking.    So I decided to write similar software programs for the iPad since it has a very high resolution retina display.  The iPad's capabilities as an embedded device provide much more advanced control of graphics.  I highly recommend to students at any grade level to visit the Scratch websites and to try to teach themselves and others about computer programming.   It's actually very easy, and the good people at MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have provided free resources for learning how to write computer programs.  No matter how old you are, please visit the following websites and consider trying to use the extremely powerful, yet very easy and simple to use tools that are available to you.  I especially urge you to watch the Video Tutorials to see just how easy programming in Scratch can be. 



iCanMorph technical details :

iCanMorph is based on a proprietary logic engine that supports uniquely artistic and aesthetic designs, shapes, and patterns.  A wide variety of new content capabilities can be built upon this technology as showcased in the 35+ modes available to users.

The proprietary logic engine uses an extensive set of colorful images (120+) as pens when drawing it's graphics.  Colorful geometric images, alphanumeric "text" characters, and photos are used as images/pens.  iCanMorph has an image picker included in build 1.5.4 available where users can quickly select from any photo in their camera roll.  

iCanMorph currently has a database of over 590 unique shapes.  All of the shapes can morph with any of the other shapes providing for a huge number of possible morphing transitions.   The user can control the rate at which one shape will morph to a 2nd shape and the user can control which 2 shapes are morphed together. The iCanMorph logic engine software is very flexible.  There is a built in sequencer that allows queued events to be scheduled.  As a result, this unique logic engine can be used to provide exciting brand new content.  This logic engine can also be used to enhance existing content, and provide new special effects to existing applications for games, advertising, photo effects, and to any application using graphical effects.

In one mode, the user is given access to a tool used by a software developer to explore random unique shapes.  Experimenting with this tool will almost surely result in the user seeing mathematical shapes and beat frequencies never seen by anyone else before.  The software developer uses this tool to find new shapes to include in the iCanMorph app itself.

It should be noted that Logic Engine Designs is looking to collaborate with others and expand use of this unique technology since many end uses are possible.  Integration of this unique logic engine with "user sharing" technology could lead to entertaining and very popular products.  Someday users may be able to share actively morphing shapes and unique artful content while including their own personalized text and photos.  Please contact Logic Engine Designs if you are interested or if you have questions or comments. See the Contact Us page for details http://logicenginedesigns.com/contact-us.html

An interesting use for iCanMorph could be as a possible night light.  A user can select a button that will allow the app to keep the screen powered forever.   We suggest that you have the iPad connected to a charger when used in the night light configuration, and that you adjust the screen brightness such that the rate of charging can keep up with the rate of energy use from having the screen constantly on.   Pick the background color desired to give your room a fun colorful glow.  Use as a night light in a location where children can watch the app randomly morph to any of the different shapes may be helpful in getting children to go to bed in a calm way.  Being able to watch the iCanMorph app for a few minutes before falling asleep will appeal to some children.  Some have noted that watching the changing shapes can have a calming effect on both children and adults alike. 

Children on long car trips would have something quiet to do that could hold their attention for long periods of time.  Children in restaurants may be calmed so that diners and families can eat more peacefully, and enjoy their time eating out.  Children in daycare or schools may enjoy using the app.  Small children on airplanes that are nervous may become quickly entertained by playing with the iCanMorph app and their discomfort relieved.

When a keyboard is open in the iCanMorph app and WIFI is available that the iPad microphone technology and microphone key on the keyboard can be used so that the user can speak their text entries instead of actually having to type them in.

The graphical designs from iCanMorph can be sent directly from your iPad to your big screen TV to display at social functions and parties.  Connect it to the HDMI input on your TV. 

Logos of favorite teams and corporate logos :

Try taking an image showing your high school or college mascot, school logo, etc, and make the background transparent (such as with pngweasel).   Then try using that image in the iCanMorph app as described in detail below.  A screen capture of an iCanMorph'ed logo could have many uses, including custom T-shirts, yearbooks, artwork, emails and text messages, etc. 

Notes on using and importing images/photos from the internet.

The iPad allows users to "Save Image" on pictures and content from the internet and from email.  A user can attempt to use photos and images they find on the internet or in their email if they save one of those images to their camera roll.  

Some of the best images to use have had their backgrounds made transparent.  Those image tend to not have rectangular frames/shapes.  They may have almost any curved shape and as a result, when those images are repeated on the screen in ways by this app, the effect can be very artful.   A convenient link to this website has been provided in some of the iCanMorph modes to help the user to find images with Transparent Backgrounds.    Here is a Google search to help find images with transparent backgrounds :  

images with transparent background

If you perform that search, some of the images found really do have transparent backgrounds (and some don't).   Try finding one that does.  I have conveniently provided some colorful images with transparent backgrounds here at this website so you can easily find some :

Link to a list of 3rd Party websites that contain transparent backgrounds. 

After you find a fun image, then select/touch it and "Save Image" to the camera roll.  

Another option to get an image with a transparent background is for the user to take any photos or images available to them and use a tool such as pngweasel.  That tool can make the background or other parts of the image transparent.  After you edit your image (and save), I suggest that you email it to yourself, then open your email on the iPad, then save your edited image to the camera roll.

Here is a link to the pngweasel tool.  

Other tools for making the background or other parts of an image transparent are available if you search for them on the internet.

Note on differences between iPad and iPhone versions :

Less modes are available on the iPhone versions than on the iPad versions due to the smaller screen size.

For those of you who came to this website from the iCanMorph app and who are IOS Software developers :


In a tool provided in the iCanMorph app, I mentioned a code snippet for controlling the background color.   You can plug in the values corresponding to any interesting background color that you found below.  Just take the numbers from the tool and substitute as shown.  The below code does a 2 second fade from the previous background color to the new color specified.

        [UIView   beginAnimations:@"fade"context:nil];

        [UIView   setAnimationDuration:2];

        self.view.backgroundColor =

        [UIColor  colorWithRed: redSliderValue   /256.0

                         greengreenSliderValue /256.0

                         blue:  blueSliderValue  /256.0


        [UIView   commitAnimations];

<-- iCanMorph

<-- You Morph 

    globalOrangePtr.center = CGPointMake(123,  345);


[UIView animateWithDuration:2.0 // 2 second animation time

                                 [globalOrangePtr setCenter:CGPointMake(125, 200)];
                             completion:^(BOOL finished){

If you want to move your emoji, just move it's center.  You can reposition the center, or you can animate it's motion across the screen using animateWithDuration.  

To change size, just change the values in the  above affine transform.

Morph Spirograph like shapes!

What Users are Saying

From Reviews : 

Giving much earned credit.....OUTSTANDING!! 

I normally don't write reviews. I will rate an app if it is good, and deserves it. But, I do believe in giving credit when credit is due. And this app is in recognition of some well deserved props!!  This is literally HOURS of fun. I cannot tell you how many times I had time fly by while playing around with this app. There's awesome games, as well as just being able to play around and watch some cool graphics. I love it. And I am not easily impressed. I wish there were more apps like this.  Awesome, awesome, AwEsOmE!!!!


I find this app tremendously intriguing.  It is inventive and leads to deep exploring. Aesthetically charming and mathematically satisfying. This is the sort of app I am always

hoping to find. Definitely educational. 

On Twitter : 

My 5th grader has had a ball today with the iCanMorph app on her iPad.   It's a great, open-ended graphic art app.

  Capture photos and video!

Below is the new animated text on photo feature available in release build 2.0.3.   If you like Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and like sharing unique photos, this might be fun too.

Below see a photo morph into pieces like you have never seen before.  Use your own photos from the camera roll.

Useful code to display Apple Emoji :

Once you are animating text on background photos in fun ways, it's very easy to professionally capture the iPad or iPhone video directly from your devices screen. 

Jump to the Transparent Backgrounds page to see all of the video tutorials and links to fun images with transparent backgrounds.

Images/photos with transparent backgrounds are very powerful when used in the iCanMorph app.  We suggest that one of the first things you do is visit our Transparent Backgrounds page and save some of those images/photos to your camera roll.  Once the images/photos are in your camera roll, you can quickly perform great looking text on photo and photo on photo edits that will amaze your friends. 

Tips and Video Tutorials for Text on Photo and Photo on Photo editing/capture are available on the Transparent Backgrounds page.